05 January 2009

Blogging = Saying What You Think

I first got into blogging because I had something to say. I enjoy spending time in the gaps, those areas where questions linger like elephants in the room. Everyone knows they are there but no one is willing to talk about them. It’s just too much work to address these big guys intelligently and you risk upsetting the apple cart when you do. But, if you think about something long enough (a very long time for me) you begin to fill in the gaps and make the loose ends connect. I am sure I won’t get to all the gaps during my life time but the exercise is gratifying and really second nature anyway. So, I think.

Of course, thinkers are also writers. I’m not extremely meticulous about this but when I have the time I enjoy putting words together in an effort to put my gap fillers on paper. That is why I started blogging. And its free!

Many companies offer free blogging templates and hosting to any person willing to journalize their thoughts. Millions of people are taking advantage of this. Do a Google (or MSN or Yahoo) search on any topic and thousands of blogs will be listed in the results. I happen to be using Blogger at the moment (one of the largest blog hosting companies if not the largest) but there are many different options to choose from. If you have never blogged I highly recommend it.

But, that isn’t the point of this post. The more I blogged the more interested I became in all the things that must happen for sites to be built and hosted and optimized and monetized and uploaded with original content and so on. I was fascinated. The more I learned, the more I discovered there was to learn and the more deeply I wanted to delve into the inner workings of this amazing form of media.

And what I discovered is, people are actually making money doing this. There are many ways to make that happen and I am still at the beginning end of this particular learning curve but as with every other investment in life you can’t make money without investing money. That is to say, doing the internet right costs bucks. I don’t have many of those so I have done the next best thing, patiently looked around for low cost opportunities to develop sites and make them interesting enough so people on the outside would have a "look see" and advertisers would put their face on what I have to say. And that is the reason for this particular post.

I got connected with a blog, SocialDN.com, who specializes in the Domain Name side of the internet business (a very interesting business even if done recreationally) and they are running a contest. You participate by executing a series of tasks each of which earns points and those with the highest points win internet related services which could otherwise cost hundreds of dollars. Since I have few of those (I mentioned that) I thought I would give it a go.

The amazing list of prizes follows:

  • DNXpert.com $100 cash via PayPal

  • InForum.in $200 cash via PayPal

  • EscrowDNS.com Escrow fees covered for 3 months

  • WhyPark.com 1 free 100 domain account worth $99

  • DomainerScript.com $50 gift certificate

  • MissDomain.com 3-Year Subscription to MissPark worth $660

  • Wordtracker.com 6 month subscription to Wordtracker worth $354

  • WebsiteHeaders.net Free Website Header Design woth $15

  • BannersGalore.net Free Ad Banner worth $10

  • ParkingRevolution.com Park 100 domains up to six months worth $90

  • SteadyNiche.com 1 Domain SteadyNiche License worth $9.95

  • DNStuff.com 3-Year Membership worth $199

  • ClickFire.com 1 month Clickfire home page 160 X 90 ad worth $200

  • TweetDailyDomains.com eAlso.com worth an indefinite amount

  • RegFeeDomains.com 2 x Domain Registrations at RegFeeDomains.com worth $16

  • DotSauce.com 1 lifetime membership to DotSauce Premium($10/mo value)worth an indefinite amount

  • FusedHosting.net 1 year of Shared 1 worth $32

  • FusedHosting.net 1 year of Proxy25 worth $30

  • Bido.com 1 Signed Copy of "The Domain Game" worth $30

  • Total Value: $2,100+

    Wish me luck. I hope to win something.

    But, to be honest I don’t want to have all this fun by myself. If you have never blogged, start today. I know you have something to say. Everyone does. Blogging can help you turn that self expression into something useful. And who knows, if you don’t “make” any money you might just “win” what money buys. ThinkAboutIt

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